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On May 20, 2015 my brother and I gave our father the first bottle of Evil Cowboy Smokin Ghost. Since then we have enjoyed bringing Evil Cowboy to festivals, farmers markets, businesses and many other great locations. Texas Triangle Grove salsas and dips have been enjoyed on tamales, pork tenderloins, enchiladas, chips and more.

Check in frequently with us as we bring you updates, stories, recipes, history and tall tales too. 

 Evil Cowboy Farmers Market Photo


As a local grocer and butcher, my grandfather was proud to offer a variety of products at his store Triangle Grocery in Honey Grove, Texas.

His cooking sauce was especially well known. Its aroma permeated the football and rodeo stands from hot dogs to brisket slow cooked in the sauce every night.

In honor of him, my brother and I named our company Texas Triangle Grove. We are continuing his legacy by bringing proud Texas made products and his sauce to you as Evil Cowboy Smokin Ghost.

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  • Chad

    Got a free sample at the Seed Effect event. Ate it at the ranch with my buddies. Best hot sauce I’ve tasted!!

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